Landor & FITCH 24 Hour Extraordinary Webinar

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On Tuesday 19th May, Landor & FITCH held a 24 hour Extraordinary Webinar, exploring future-forward brand & experience innovations and strategies — transformations that respond to an evolving normal.

We followed the sun and our thought leaders from Sydney to San Francisco as they discussed a diverse range of topics: from purpose and generosity during the crisis, to the radical evolution of shopping in post-COVID times. We also explored the role of sustainability in brand-led growth, the changing relationship between humanity and technology and we talked about how motion, voice and sensorial design will all become more important as we strive to deliver extraordinary brand experiences.

See below for the recordings of each session across our Extraordinary 24 hours:

A message from our Global CEO, Jane Geraghty:

Brand Truths in a Changing World by President of SEAPJ Landor & FITCH Nick Foley:

Transforming Destinations: Physical, Human, Digital by President of Greater China Landor & FITCH Jonathan Cummings:

Extraordinary Brand Transformation by Landor Mumbai Managing Director Lulu Raghavan:

Back to Your Senses by Landor CEEMEA Executive Creative Director Shaun Loftman:

Sustainability: Stop complying, start differentiating by Group Innovation Officer Landor & FITCH Luc Speisser:

What are the 5 New Rules for Retail? by FITCH Executive Strategy Director Aaron Shields:

Hello, Human by Landor Executive Strategy Director Sophie Hope:

Experience Beyond a Crisis by FITCH Chief Strategy Officer Morgan Holt:

Transforming .com into the Dream by FITCH Business Director Michelle Smith:

The Race to be THE Place: The new role of country and city brands by Landor Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Peter Knapp:

A Transformative Economy: Rebound, Recovery or Recuperation? by Landor Global Head of Insights & Analytics Nick Cooper:

New Essentials — The Future of Meaningful Experiences by FITCH Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Tim Greenhalgh:

Brand Resilience in Transformative Times by Landor Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Ordahl:

Health Bent: How consumer brands can deliver wellness during extraordinary times by Landor Global President of Consumer Brands Mary Zalla:

A New Era of Commerce & Culture by FITCH Executive Creative Director Alasdair Lennox:

Learnings from Remote Working that Transform Culture by Landor Executive Director of Culture and Engagement Colin Lange:

Pop Goes your Brand by Landor & FITCH President of the Americas Gabe Miller:

Enhancing our Digital Lives by FITCH Senior Strategist Linda Xiao:

Welcome to Generation E by FITCH Strategy Director Michelle Fenstermaker:

Transforming the Creative Process by Landor Chicago General Manager Valerie Aurilio:

Leisure is Transforming by Landor Mexico City Managing Director Marcela Garces:

Transformative Motion Design: Necessity and Invention by ManvsMachine Executive Producer / Director of Business Development Ellie Bailey:

The Transformation of Brand Voice into something … Extraordinary by Landor Executive Director of Naming and Verbal Identity Tom Sepanksi:

Would you like to discuss any of the Extraordinary sessions further?

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