How do you codify experience?

Morgan Holt, Global Chief Strategy Officer at FITCH

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People are drawn towards experiences that help them achieve. It’s in our nature.

If I need milk, then I expect a store to make it as easy as possible to get some. And so modern brands are racing to make everything frictionless. Because if nothing gets in my way, then I’m satisfied, right?

Not quite — frictionless convenience is a recipe for a generic environment, so brands who want to stand out should actually be looking beyond the functional needs and tap into something deeper.

‘Everyday needs’ aren’t the stuff of a psychologist’s couch, but they are more personal and complex than a search for milk.

Human everyday needs for comfort, belonging, independence and progress often go unnoticed as brands race to take out the friction. And yet the opportunity that lays behind these instincts offer brands a chance to create an experience which engages more meaningfully.

As we design the future of brands, it’s not good enough to simply sell — people always respond better if their reason to buy goes beyond mere convenience.

How do successful brands ensure they offer an experience that meets people’s everyday needs? By looking at the data, of course.

Using a unique psychological framework, FITCH has created 12 distinct Experience Themes against data powered by BrandZ, the largest database of consumer opinion on brands in the world.

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In doing so, we codify exactly the experience types that match people’s everyday needs.

Within five minutes, we can see where your brand is at currently, where it’s been for the past 10 years, where your competitors are, and the Experience Theme(s) your customers want from you.

Sales metrics may tell you how to be functional and efficient. But a creative blend of the Experience Themes ingredients can deliver an experience as powerful as everyone wants it to be.

Drop us a line any time and get your demo before we officially launch in a few weeks:

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