FITCH ‘Must See’: Patagonia Workwear

Tim Greenhalgh, Chief Creative Officer at FITCH, has developed FITCH Must See with a large team across the world to celebrate the best in brand innovation. This month, he has selected Patagonia Workwear:

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Source: OMventure

It is interesting to see the number of brands that are bringing their sustainable beliefs to life in the physical and human experience they deliver.

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On FITCH Must See we have also featured Nudie Jeans Repair Shop who like Patagonia are looking to help the planet by not only selling you new gear, but offering to freely repair your existing products. This goes further than a slogan or PR campaign, and becomes the essence of the environment, experience and service a brand is providing.

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Patagonia believes ‘Repair is a radical act’, and that this could be the beginning of a distinct movement which understands that today’s consumers increasingly value brands that question obsolescence.

Focused collections and smaller footprints allow big brands to tailor their offer to the local community.

This Patagonia test store in Seattle is tailored to learning and environmental education. Featuring its workwear line, Patagonia tells the story of sustainable living through the work it does, the clothes it sells, the nutrition it promotes to sustain energy and life, and the craft beer it stocks to help celebrate the end of the working day.

In the next few months we will be featuring Remakery — an emerging chain of cafes in the UK that offer to repair any of your product; as they say “someone put it together someone can take it apart — all you need is a little know how and a screwdriver” — maybe repair is already less of a radical act…

Next up, we’ll be looking at Tone Tag.

*unless stated otherwise, photos are captured directly by the FITCH Must See team.

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