How do you codify experience?

FITCH Experience Themes White Paper

Through decades of successful global design projects, FITCH has identified 12 distinct ‘Experience Themes’ — each with its own unique set of emotions and characteristics.

The different themes embody four fundamental human needs for Comfort, Belonging, Independence and Progress*.

Using this psychological framework, FITCH has developed Experience Themes and mapped them against BrandZ’s global consumer data to create a model that guides a brand to create its own distinctive experiences and unlock its full potential.

The FITCH Experience Themes model identifies what type of experiences 650,000 consumers expect from 23,000 brands globally across 257 categories.

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The Experience Themes — how it works

Each Experience Theme has its own set of rules and characteristics.

If we run the data for a brand, we can immediately gauge the consumer expectations specific to that brand, across the sector, different markets and periods of time. We can also run the data against its competitors to reveal the challenges and opportunities for the brand.

The resulting data will be aligned within the 12 Experience Themes. We are able to see the types of experience the brand is aligned to, and where the opportunities to meet the consumers’ needs lie.

This FITCH White Paper presents examples from the automotive and apparel sectors to demonstrate how Experience Themes work for a brand.

*A unique psychological framework based on developmental psychology and social studies

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